Did a fake ring void the pre-nup?

February 19, 2008 4:50:47 AM PST
It's the case of the pre-nup and the fake diamond. Now, a Pennsylvania appeals court has ruled in favor of a millionaire car dealer who gave his now-ex wife a phony engagement ring. Susan Porreco claimed her ex, Louis Porreco, stiffed her by giving her a cubic zirconium instead of real diamond ring worth $21,000. She contended the fake ring voided their prenuptial agreement. The case has been kicking around the courts for years. The couple divorced in May of 1998. Well, the appeals court sides with the ex-husband. The court ruled Susan Porreco should have had the ring appraised herself before signing anything. Louis Porreco said his ex-wife wanted the fake gem, so she wouldn't damage a real diamond while tending her horses.