Rookie makes big pot bust

February 29, 2008 3:42:49 PM PST
Twenty-seven-year-old Mark Thomas is suddenly the most popular trooper on the Delaware State Police. "I started here two weeks ago, the new guy. Nobody knows your name, and all the sudden people I don't even know are talking to me," he said.

They are talking about 140 pounds of marijuana confiscated by Trooper Thomas after just seven days on patrol.

The pot was found stashed in a vehicle driven by 22-year-old Sherri Taylor of Norfolk, Virginia. She was driving south on Route 13 in Harrington when Trooper Thomas and his veteran training officer used a laptop computer to run her tags.

Cpl. Jon Wood says he was just showing this rookie the ropes. When Taylor's tags and story didn't match up, Wood quickly helped his new partner spot classic red flags.

"Typically, you don't get them all at one time, so as they were popping up right and left, I realized this was going to be an experience that he wouldn't forget and maybe not duplicate in the next 20 years," said Wood.

"It was just an amazing experience and I don't know if I''ll ever get that chance again, but it was amazing," said Thomas.

Delaware State Police are not showing the vehicle where they found the drugs because they don't know if it will be linked to other crimes. What they do know is a routine day of training paid off in a very big way.

As for the marijuana valued at more than 140 thousand dollars on the street:

"If it was destined for Delaware, we've taken it off the street. We kept it out of our communities, out of our schools," said Cpl. Gary Fournier.