3 product recalls & bank fees

March 5, 2008 7:29:45 PM PST
Check your refrigerators and your cars three different products are being recalled. Plus, there is a new report on how much banks charge you in fees and how honest they are, in telling you about those charges.

First the recalls, one involves frozen lasagna with meat sauce and it's tied to that big recall of 143-million pounds of ground beef Action News reported last month. You may remember Westland Hallmark recalled the ground beef after hidden camera video was released. Among other things, employees at the meat plant were accused of allowing sick or downed animals to be processed into the food supply.

While no one has gotten sick, H.J. Heinz is recalling 40-thousand cases of Boston Market brand lasagna with meat sauce. It turns out some of the ground beef inside the lasagna came from Westland Hallmark.

For questions about that recall you can call 1-800-488-0050.

Gourmet Boutique is recalling nearly 7-thousand pounds of meat and poultry products that may be contaminated with Listeria.

The products subject to the recall include:
Gourmet Boutique Honey Chicken Salad
Chicken Marsala
Grilled Chicken Breast in Teriyaki Sauce
Lemon Chicken
Breaded and Fried Chicken Cutlet
Italian Stallion Twister
Meatloaf with Gravy Kit
Gourmet Boutique's Chicken Burrito
Turkey Club Twister

For more information:
Gourmet Boutique

Combi USA is recalling 67-thousand Centre, Centre A-R-B, and Shuttle rear facing infant restraints. Federal tests showed the seats may separate from the bases in front-end collisions.

Retrofit kits are available but may take eight weeks to get to consumers. The company said it is safe to use Combi Centre and Shuttle models without the base. For your retrofit kit call 1-800-543-7734 or click here.

Nowadays it seems everyone is trying to squeeze you for money even when they already have it. According to a new report your bank wants more bang from your bucks. A study by the government accountability office shows bank fees for things like overdrafts, insufficient funds and returned checks have gone up 10-percent or more since 2000.

And those increased fees are helping fuel bank profits. According to the study, income from these fees now makes up 27-percent of the average bank's profits. And getting the info you need to keep your bank fees in check isn't easy.

GAO investigators posed as secret shoppers and found it impossible to get fee information at one if five banks, even if they walked in and asked.