Mrs. Fixit: Natural fabric softeners

March 9, 2008 4:30:09 AM PDT
If you or somebody in your family has sensitive skin, even laundry can pose a problem.

Whether you have sensitive skin or you're looking to just save some money, adding a half a cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle in your washing machine will do a couple of things.

The vinegar acts as a natural fabric softener that won't leave behind any fragrance and it will help break down your laundry detergent so that your clothes will rinse cleaner.

Another natural fabric softener in the washing machine is baking soda. Add a half a cup to the washer along with your detergent. Baking soda also boosts the natural cleaning action of your detergent to make it work harder!

To help soften fabrics and cut static in the dryer, grab a couple of tennis balls or some special dryer balls. Both will fluff and soften fabrics while breaking up static in the dryer!

All of those ideas are easy and natural fabric softeners that will save your skin and save you money.