Secret Shopper Money Scam Warning

March 10, 2008 10:34:14 AM PDT
Fraud investigators at Troop 3, in Dover, have issued a warning to citizens who may be victimized by a new scam. During the past two months detectives have investigated two separate fraud cases involving suspects who claim to be representatives from advise citizens are receiving letters in the mail from stating they have been highly recommended by a past employer or they have been recommended because they are a loyal shopper to various retail chains, and because of that, they are hiring them to be a secret shopper.

The letter goes on to say there is a probationary training assignment which the victim is required to complete within forty-eight hours. In the letter it states will pay the victim $100.00 an hour and tells the victim which stores they are to go to.

This particular letter says to go to Sears and Wal-Mart and pose as a customer shopping and sending a money gram to a relative. With the letter comes a check made payable to the victim.

The letter gives a breakdown of how the funds are to be handled. This letter states $200.00 for their pay; $3,300 to be wired: $120.00 money gram service fee; and $200.00 to be used to purchase whatever they want from the store they are supposed to shop.

The victim takes the check to their bank and deposits it into their account. They wire the money to another state, and keep whatever the letter says for them to keep. A few days later, the victim's bank notifies them stating the check was bad. This information is being released as a public advisory only.