EXCLUSIVE poll shows Clinton leads in Pa.

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March 20, 2008 7:26:49 AM PDT
As the race to the White House heats up more and more eyes are turning to Pennsylvania's April primary.

This morning we have the EXCLUSIVE results of the first in a series of the 6abc Franklin and Marshall polls.

Hillary Clinton has increased her lead over Barack Obama in Pennsylvania. 51-percent of likely voters say they will back Clinton according to the poll. Only 35-percent say Obama is their choice.

Digging further into the demographics more women, 56-percent, say they would vote for Clinton if the primary were today. Obama is only garnering 23-percent of women.

For men, the margin is much tighter, 42-percent for Clinton and 35-percent for Obama.

When it comes to race, 54-percent of whites are backing Clinton versus 23-percent for Obama. But Obama currently has 54-percent of non-whites versus Clinton with 27-percent.

Clinton is also leading in all the education demographics. She has 55-percent of potential Pennsylvania voters with a high school education or less, Obama has 22-percent. Clinton has 52-percent of voters with some college background, versus just 19-percent for Obama. The margin does tighten for Pennsylvanian's with a college degree ... Clinton has 44-percent and Obama 38-percent.

When asked what issue voters associate more with what candidate, 46-percent of Clinton supporters say healthcare followed by the economy with 17-percent. For Obama it's the Iraq war with 26-percent, following that Obama supporters had a three way tie at 14-percent for healthcare, the economy and change in general.

Action News will bring you another EXCLUSIVE 6abc Franklin and Marshall poll on Tuesday April 15th, the night before the democratic debate.