Obama continues Philly campaign

April 2, 2008 8:40:32 PM PDT
Democrat Barack Obama was in the Delaware Valley today, making two campaign stops.Stop number one for Obama was the AFL-CIO state convention.

He started off with some light remarks about his less than stellar bowling.

"I went bowling and my poll numbers dropped a little bit after," Obama said.

Obama's primary message to the union delegates was his administration would focus on the concerns of workers on Main Street not Wall Street bankers and Capital Hill lobbyists.

"For far too long, through both Democrats and Republican administrations, the system has been rigged against everyday Americans," Obama said.

Obama claims the system is broken, in part, because of the undue influence of corporate lobbyists.

"They have not funded my campaign; they will not run not drown out the voices of the American people," Obama said.

His second stop was a town hall meeting and Q and A session at Strath Haven High School.

Obama continued his message of change and said he would find money to rebuild America's crumbling infrastructure; the money would come as an Obama administration withdrew troops from Iraq.

"This is a war that has lasted longer than first World War, the second World War, and the Civil War," Obama said.

The crowd was full of many young faces. Strath Haven administrators gave juniors and seniors the option to participate.

"Everybody was really excited when he walked in; it's a lot different than what I would have expected," Vivian Souders, a Strath Haven student, said.

Obama's next scheduled stop is another forum at West Chester University.