New details in Fairmount Park rapes

April 9, 2008 8:31:45 PM PDT
There are new developments in the search for the Fairmount Park rapist. Philadelphia police released new, computer-enhanced images of the suspect this afternoon.

Police say the same man has raped or attempted to rape four women in city parks since 2003. They warn that he is still a threat.

"Sometimes people forget, and they think that these people are just not around any more," said Darby.

The rapist first struck in Fairmont Park back on April 30, 2003. Two and a half months later, he would rape and kill park jogger Rebecca Park in the 3500 block of Conshohocken.

In all, DNA has linked him to 3 rapes, one attempted rape and one murder. All attacks took place in park settings against women who were jogging or walking. After attacking the women, he sometimes tries to console them coming off like a Jekyll and Hyde personality.

The most recent attacked happened last August in Pennypack Park. That victim has worked with police on this new description.

The suspect described as a Hispanic male with a heavy accent was wearing a matching mesh basketball type outfit, blue in color with white piping.

The victim recalls that he was wearing a gold rope chain with a cross and had distinctive scars or markings on the upper left portion of his chest, shoulder and arm.

"Elongated type discolorations. They were raised by her account, possible scar markings," said Darby.