Man buys thin parcel at online auction

April 7, 2008 4:32:59 AM PDT
Mustafa Keser spent $4,000 for land in Bucks County last year in hopes of building a home for his family.

Seven months later, he sold the land to Warrington Township for $1,000 and travel expenses after discovering that the parcel measured 40 feet by 401 feet.

The property near Titus Elementary School is currently home only to a blacktopped bike trail.

The Brooklyn, N.Y., cook bought the property from the Web site, which warns potential buyers to research the land before bidding since it does not inspect the properties. The site advises buyers to talk to planning departments and local realtors and check out local real estate ads.

Even some township officials, however, were surprised to find that the land does not belong to the township. They say the township has been trimming the grass and otherwise taking care of the property for as long as anyone can remember.