Boy stabbed in head with knife doing fine

April 14, 2008 8:36:05 AM PDT
A boy had a knife thrown into his head -- and he's okay

A neighbor boy in Vancounver, Washington threw a knife into Tyler Hemmert's head.

Fortunately it was a butter knife, which lodged itself between his scalp and skull.

Hemmert says he and a friend we're just sitting on a park bench, when another boy threw the knife at him. The head wound turned out not to be serious.

Hemmert hurried to a nearby house for help while his friend raced several blocks to tell his dad. Brian Hemmert drove to the park followed quickly by police and an ambulance.

Five stitches and a couple of hours later, Tyler Hemmert is back home. Vancouver police say they have talked to the boy who threw the knife and his parents, and will send their report to juvenile authorities for possible charges.

But the trip to the hospital, with the knife stuck in his head, will be one Tyler and his dad will not forget.