Drivers line up for 76-cent gas!

April 25, 2008 3:13:25 PM PDT
A gas station in Northern Liberties offered gas for 76-cents a gallon! The lines have been forming for hours at the LukOil gas station.

At noon, they began selling the discount gas in honor of the Philadelphia 76ers.

Tonight is game 3 of the team's playoff series with the Detroit Pistons in South Philadelphia... they are tied at one game a piece.

The 76-cents per gallon lasted for just 76 minutes. In today's gas price climate, some out there waiting say it felt like a giveaway. It's a savings of more than $2.81 off the average price of gas in Pennsylvania.

87-year-old Eartha Harris was first in line to buy cut rate gas from the LukOil gas station on Spring Garden and Delaware Avenue.

Cars started lining up early for petro at a discount price. The line snaked north along Delaware Avenue for a mile or so as motorists waited to fill up.

The Northern liberties gas station and the Philadelphia 76ers are running a low price fuel promotion to support the teams playoff run and say thanks to fans, by slashing the gas station's price of $3.69/gallon for regular unleaded gas to 76-cents per gallon for 76 minutes. It's the kind of cut rate deal that feels like a give away to some in the face of budget guzzling gas prices.

And yes, cars burn gas while idling in the long line leading up to the pumps. But it apparently makes sense to the motorists who are out here... dollars and cents.

It was sometime between 1978 and 79 that it cost 76 cents per gallon for gas. Today, this discount is a welcome repreive for many like David Valasquez who have to drive; his typical $70 fill up cost him $18.74.

With this discount of more than 75-percent, the station was ready for a lot of fill ups today by people who often put 10 or 20 dollars in at a time. LukOil anticipated about 100 cars woull be able to get gas by the time the promotion ended at 1:16pm.