Rocco and Matt Jam Session

May 15, 2008 5:07:37 AM PDT
Rocco Fiorentino will amaze you with his talents in singing, playing piano, composing music - and with his positive attitude towards life.The 11-year-old South Jersey resident, has been blind since birth. His visual disability developed when he was born four months premature.

Early on, his mother, Tina Fiorentino, discovered that her son loved to hear her play children's songs. Next thing anyone knew, Rocco was singing - and playing - himself.

Rocco recently invited me to join him for a jam session inside his personal studio, which is in the basement of his South Jersey home. We performed Bart Howard's "Fly Me to the Moon," and the Action News theme. Enjoy the video clips we have put together of the session.

Rocco is a favorite act at local events (we last saw him at the Variety Club dinner earlier this year). He also frequents the Bird Jazz Club in New York, has performed on network television, and has gotten to meet some of his heroes (like Stevie Wonder).

Look for Rocco on Saturday, May 17th, at the Philadelphia Book Festival. Rocco will perform at the Target Children's Stage (near the Philadelphia Free Library) at 11:30am. WEB LINK: Philadelphia Book Festival

WEB LINK: Rocco's website