Siblings find each other after 66 years

May 14, 2008 4:05:56 PM PDT
"I am so happy. I am so happy," exclaimed Irene Famulak. Just today, a letter came, and 83-year-old Famulak finally learned her younger brother's address.

It has been 66 years since she last saw him. She just found out he's still alive. Now, more than anything, she wants to see him.

"I hug him. I kiss him. I cry. I want to see him," she said.

Famulak grew up in Ukraine. She was 17 when she last saw her brother 15-year-old, Wssewolod Galizkij.

In 1942, the Germans sent Famulak and her older sister to Germany to work as cooks during World War Two. One of seven children, she never saw her parents or other siblings again and assumed they had passed away.

Recently, her 81-year-old brother contacted the International Red Cross in Germany.

Eventually, Red Cross volunteers tracked down Famulak in Philadelphia, where she moved with her daughter in 1956.

"She was elated. She was ecstatic. At first she was shocked. Thinking this was a joke after 66 years, something like this doesn't happen," explained Tania Posharow.

Now there is hope the Red Cross can help find her other long lost siblings.

"Savalod is actually the youngest of the seven. She knows of at least two other sisters. She may get to meet them when all this is done," said Tom Foley of the American Red Cross.

Since 1939, the Red Cross has been reuniting families around the world, many separated by war.

Famulak won't be apart from her brother much longer. She's already planning the trip to visit him overseas.