Morning Team celebrates Nat. Hamburger Month

May 19, 2008 5:19:52 AM PDT
The summer cook out season is calling you. It's calling us, too.I always get burgers on the brain about now, but this year, I got the rest of the team drooling, too.

And it just so happens that May is National Hamburger Month.

The nice people at Five Guys in the Bala Cynwyd Shopping Center basically let us take over the place. Matt, Tam, Karen and I took a crack at building our dream hamburgers.

Five Guys did the grilling - I mean, we didn't want a fire, you know?

By the time we were finished, four unique designs and recipes emerged.

Karen: Cheese. Lots of cheese. And here's the "out there" ingredient: steak sauce. Not a lot of people do this on hamburgers, but she's been talking about it ever since, so I guess she's onto something there.

Tamala: Raw onions. This was the big, special ingredient for Tam. She's also into cheese burgers, over plain hamburgers. Tam was the only one who relied heavily on the raw onions, by the way.

Me (David): I'm a very traditional hamburger kind of guy. I don't do cheese. I get cheese on enough things. Plus, I don't like to dilute the flavor of the meat. Then, it's lettuce, tomato and ketchup - all bright flavors that stand-up against each other. 'Gotta' have my greens!

Matt: This was very funny. Matt basically asked what his options were - and then decided to pile on all 17 toppings. This included jalapeno peppers and spicy sauce. The finished burger was about 9" high. But bless the boy, he ate the whole thing (and actually finished second among us).

So there they you are: your summer burger recipes from your favorite morning team. Now, get grilling!