Penn graduates celebrate with Bloomberg

May 19, 2008 3:01:21 PM PDT
The University of Pennsylvania graduated its senior class with a touch of politics. Overcast skies couldn't dampen the spirits of today's graduating class at the University of Pennsylvania.

"It's wonderful. We've waited four years for this moment and finally, we did it," Penn graduate Carlene Pochette said.

The commencement address, given by New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, was very political. He focused on how to pick a leader, something some of these grads will do for the first time this November.

Bloomberg accused Washington of missing the mark when it comes to independence, honesty and accountability, using issues like gun control to make his point.

"Everyday innocent people lose their lives because congress doesn't have a spine stand up to the special interests," Bloomberg said.

Bloomberg, elected as a Republican but now an independent, particularly criticized the White House on issues like stem cell research and he blasted the GOP on its anti-immigration stance, noting that American successes like Google and Budweiser were founded by immigrants.

Mayor Bloomberg did reference the shaky economy, but these graduates said they are not worried about their prospects

"I feel it's been a little rougher then usual, less people we know have really solid jobs, but they're still very excited," Alexis Tyron said.

"It's not great, but as something's fail, new opportunities will open up for other people," Andrew Glantz said.

However, worries are for tomorrow. Today was for celebration and nostalgia.