Man accused of stealing lynx

May 21, 2008 5:07:27 AM PDT

Breeder Ronald Derr says he refused to sell the pregnant 3-year-old lynx to William Bobbett of Wilkes-Barre. In addition to its breeding value, he says state game laws regulate ownership of such cats. Derr says the 29-year-old Bobbett returned with two friends on April 13 and forced him to load up the cat at gunpoint.

Bobbett says Derr sold him the lynx and "everything else is propaganda." He says paid Derr's asking price of $1,500 plus $1,000 to bend the ownership rules.

Bobbett is on trial in Bloomsburg on robbery and other charges. His attorney says he's guilty only of owning the endangered lynx without a permit. Closing arguments are set for Wednesday before the jury gets the case.