Mrs. Fixit: Energy Window Treatment

May 23, 2008 2:27:16 AM PDT
Windows are like black holes, forty percent of the heat that escapes from your home leaves through your windows, fifty percent of the heat and cold that enters your home comes in through those windows.

There are three treatments that are your best bet for insulating your windows, wood slat blinds, cellular shades and roman shades with thermal linings.

The key to the best efficiency is an inside mount which means that your window treatment is mounted on the inner frame of the window closest to the glass.

Wood slat blinds are thick and offer a nice barrier for the movement of air and light. During the hottest or coldest hours of the day close the blinds for maximum efficiency.

Cellular shades may not look like they have a lot of insulating power but the pockets in between the layers of fabric trap air and keep it from leaving or entering your home. The more cells your shade has the better the energy efficiency.

If you prefer fabric treatments, opt for roman shades with thermal liners. They have a great tailored look, and they work because they sit close to the glass to insulate, block air flow and control light.

Energy conscious window treatments for your home.

I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple.