The true meaning of Memorial Day

May 23, 2008 3:22:09 PM PDT
The true meaning of Memorial Day is being felt throughout the area. Far from the parades, the speeches, and official events, it's the small gestures that seem to capture the true spirit of Memorial Day.

A small group of veterans placed flags at the graves of their fellow vets.

It was their personal tribute and a way to make sure those who sacrificed so much don't fade into the forgotten corners of history.

"It's important to remember the veterans who sacrificed their lives to keep us free," Maurice Williams said.

The Battleship New Jersey is another place people come to pay personal tribute.

The echoes of distant wars and sacrifice are never far from this mighty warship.

The multitudes may be flocking to the shore or the bargains at the mall, but others will make this pilgrimage and this band of brothers will be there to greet them.

"Exactly the reason we're here is to the see the grandparents come in and bring their grandchildren in," Harry Frank said.

Rich Silvers served on the battleship South Dakota.

"89 men on my ship were killed and over 200 were wounded on there and that's a sight that you never forget either when you lose that of your fellow sailors," Silver said.

That's why he'll be here Monday, making sure that fallen relatives, friends and strangers are more than just a passing thought this weekend.