Tee'd off residents' golf course guff

May 27, 2008 2:51:53 PM PDT
Some homeowners are getting more and more tee'd off, and they're filing complaints.The Odessa National Golf Course in southern New Castle County is missing very important components- golfers.

This is because the course is still under construction and has been since some of the residents moved into the homes in the high-end community 3 years ago.

"Things really weren't exactly as I was led to believe," Cecilia Schere, homeowner, said.

"There were a lot of promises made in that sales process, a golf course being one, clubhouse, restaurant, and nothing has come to fruition," Gerry Wright , homeowner, said.

Nothing has come to fruition except bills. Residents say there are bills for promised amenities for as high as $1200 and then there letters are that threaten to put liens on the homes of those who don't pay.

That would include people like Cecilia Scherer who said she never realized she had to pay for a public golf course she'll never use.

"I feel that being mandated to do something really is against my constitutional rights. I don't think I should have to be forced to pay for something, especially if it's a public entity like a golf course," Scherer said.

"I let them know and I was told specifically we did not have to belong to the golf course," Bill Bowlan, homeowner, said.

The residents want to know why they're being billed for amenities they don't have and why some sales representatives reportedly told some homebuyers they could opt out of being charged for the golf course.

Though, the builders are not talking to Action News or the homebuyers, they will have to talk to the Attorney General. The Division of Consumer Fraud is investigating 70 complaints filed by the homeowners.