NASCAR fans descend on Dover

May 30, 2008 5:07:45 PM PDT
It's NASCAR weekend at Dover Downs, and that means Dover will become Delaware's largest city this weekend with over 100 thousand visitors. The price of gas is a top concern to everyone...unless you happen to be a NASCAR fan.

While drivers were practicing on the "Monster Mile" today one fan was filling up his monster takes about $350 to do that.

It's a love affair that doesn't come cheap for fans who follow the NASCAR circuit.

"A month ago we went to Talladega and it cost us a thousand dollars round-trip. It's $130 dollars to fill it. It's crazy," said Gary McMenemy of Pennsylvania.

"I'll pay whatever I have to pay to see Junior on victory lane," said race fan Maria Berry of Tampa, Florida.

And Dale Earnhart, Jr. doesn't take that kind of fan loyalty lightly.

"It's kinda fun to watch. You have to admire their dedication," Earnhardt told Lauren Wilson.

For fans just getting an up-close glimpse of their favorite driver is enough. After all many have grown up watching these cars take to the track. So hard-core fans are sitting out the hard economic times.

Thousands of race car fans made themselves at home around the track at Dover Downs. And in keeping with cutting cost, many, like our engineering genuises, made their own decorations.

Of course Sunday is the big day for drivers and the fans...all eyes will be on the monster mile.