"Clyde" pleads guilty to I.D. theft charges

June 2, 2008 3:56:11 PM PDT
25-Year-old Edward Anderton came to federal court Monday with his parents. He pled guilty to six counts, including identity theft, bank fraud and money laundering. Anderton is considered the Clyde of the center city duo dubbed Bonnie and Clyde. The 2005 Penn graduate, and his girlfriend, 22 year old Jocelyn Kirsch are accused of stealing the identities of numerous victims to live the high life, spending the money on luxury vacations and other items. .

Prosecutors put the value of their 14 month spending spree at over 232-thousand dollars and perhaps as much as 400-thousand dollars. In court Monday, we learned the complexity of their financial schemes.

Anderton admitted to the prosecutor's assertion that he and Kirsch set up fraudulent bank accounts, stole purses, forged checks, made fake id's, wore disguises to withdraw money from ATMs and opened dozens of credit cards over the internet, using personal information they stole from co-workers, neighbors, bar patrons, even close friends.

Anderton admitted the pair made tens of thousands of dollars selling non-existent merchandise on Ebay.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Louis Lappen said, "They placed a number of items on Ebay that they did not have and attempted to sell those to unsuspecting bidders, then the winning bidder would send his or her money in to the defendants and not receive any items, because there was no items to be sold."

Anderton will return to his family's home in the state of Washington where he's making 10 dollars an hour working for a landscape service. He hopes to use the money to one day pay restitution to the victims.