"Bonnie" speaks at hearing

June 5, 2008 10:12:31 PM PDT
Another term of house arrest for the former Drexel graduate who slayed a legion of Internet fans with her beauty. In contrast to the hardened and audacious criminal she's accused of being, 22-year-old Jocelyn Kirsch appeared meek and contrite at the federal courthouse. At first, she spoke to the court in a barely audible voice.

From hearing audio:
CLERK: Please state your name for the record?
JOCELYN KIRSCH: Jocelyn Kirsch.
JUDGE EDUARDO ROBRENO: Would you keep your voice up Ms. Kirsch?
KIRSCH: Jocelyn Kirsch
JUDGE: How old are you Ms. Kirsch?
KIRSCH: I'm 22, sir.

Her lawyer argues that she has mental problems and Kirsch told the court she had taken four different prescription drugs in the last 24 hours and had a beer for dinner last night, but that she was fully cognizant of the court proceedings.

From hearing audio:
JUDGE: Are you under the care of a physician or a psychiatrist?
KIRSCH: Yes sir, uh, I'm sorry psy--chi--psycologist.

Kirsch, a former Drexel student, and her alleged cohort, Penn economics graduate Edward Anderton are portrayed by federal prosecutors as poster children for identity theft. She and Anderton have been charged with fleecing friends and neighbors out of more than 100 thousand dollars. Anderton pleaded guilty to his part of a plot, which saw them jet-setting around the globe on other people's money. Kirsch was also expected to plead guilty today, but surprisingly did not.

From hearing audio:
JUDGE: At this time, how do you wish to plead, guilty or not guilty?
KIRSCH: Not guilty sir.

While free on bail in California on the identity fraud charges, prosecutors allege she continued her scam artist ruses, including the theft of a coworker's credit card &and using it while wearing a disguise.

They said she disguised herself and used the card to ring up more than $200 in merchandise at a drug store, then went to an Ikea furniture store and spent more than $300 on the stolen card.

Authorities said Kirsch also stole a $2,000 bicycle in April by asking to test-ride the bike and not coming back. The bike store employee identified Kirsch to police "noting her distinctive purple contact lenses," the court papers stated.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Louis Lappen argued in court that such behavior was grounds for her bail to be revoked.

From hearing audio:
Lappen: They're basically begging a judge like your honor, 'Detain me, lock me up.' That's what she's saying through her conduct.

But U.S. District Judge Eduardo Robreno ordered her placed under house arrest in Philadelphia in the custody of her mother, and that she continue to wear an electronic ankle bracelet so authorities can monitor her whereabouts.

From hearing audio:
JUDGE: Do you understand the conditions?
KIRSCH: Yes sir.
JUDGE: Do you have any questions?
KIRSCH: No sir.
JUDGE: So it is so ordered.

The house arrest is to begin Friday at a place to be chosen by federal officials. Unless other arrangements are so ordered, taxpayers are likely to foot the bill for her house arrest until, what her lawyer expects will be her guilty plea in two weeks or so.


Information from the AP was used in this story.