Coyote problems in Phila. suburbs

June 6, 2008 9:48:16 PM PDT
Coyotes are becoming more and more of a problem, even in places like Philadelphia's main line. Deni Schumann has three frisky Bichons that she normally keeps leashed. Earlier this week they bolted out of the garage when the door opened at her Devon home.

One of them, Junior, came back covered in blood. He had two big puncture wounds on his neck and more bites on his tail.

Deni took Junior to the vet. She thought he had been bitten by a raccoon or fox. The vet told her it was either a big dog or a coyote.

"I was surprised," Schumann said. She says she never expected to hear of Coyotes around here. But, they are, and not just in the wild western suburbs.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission says coyotes have been spotted in every county of the state, including Philadelphia They look like small dogs with long bushy tails.

They have increased their range in recent years moving into to the suburbs, apparently following the food.

Suburban gardens have become lush feeding grounds for deer. Coyotes like to feast on deer, especially fawns. So, the game commission says it's not surprising that they're showing up where the deer are. But, it's not just deer.

Coyotes have been known to attack dogs, cats and even humans. They're usually active at night. So, the Game Commission says it's a good idea to keep your pets close to home after dark.

Pennsylvania Game Commission