McCain's town-hall meeting at Constitution Center

June 11, 2008 4:09:01 PM PDT
Republican John McCain was in Philadelphia today for a town-hall meeting. John McCain was at the National Constitution Center this morning, for a town-hall meeting; he's hoping to get an early start attracting independents, and those Democratic voters who supported Hillary Clinton in the state's primary:

After an introduction by his wife, and a rousing welcome, John McCain used much of today's town-hall meeting to focus on what he called the fundamental, deep-seeded disagreements between him and presumptive, Democratic presidential nominee, Barack Obama.

"Healthcare is one of them. He wants the government to make decisions for the American family, I want the American family to make those decision about their health," Senator McCain said.

On the topic of the economy, which he has admitted is not his strong point, McCain said he wants to keep taxes low.

"Why in the world would anyone consider raising your taxes in difficult economic times? Senator Obama wants to raise capital gains tax; my friends, there's 100 million people that have some kind of investment affected by capital gains," McCain said.

In Chicago today, Barack Obama defended his position on taxes, saying McCain's remarks are misleading.

Obama says he will "eliminate the capital gains tax for the small businesses and startups that are the backbone of our economy."

He says his plans would also reduce taxes for 95-percent of all American workers, while rolling back tax reductions for the highest-earning 5-percent of Americans.

A question from a college student today, served as a reminder to McCain that the young vote will be one of his biggest hurdles in the upcoming campaign.

"What would you say to the first-time-voters that you would have to offer them over Senator Obama for the future of this country?" the student asked.

"I will give you a peaceful world. Peace is our most important legacy for future generations of Americans," McCain said.

McCain will be back in the area for a town-hall meeting at the Burlington County Community College at 9:30 a.m. on Friday.

Barack Obama will be in Philadelphia Friday night for fundraiser at the Sheraton City Center Hotel at 6 p.m.