Action News tests 3 popular products!

June 16, 2008 8:55:34 PM PDT
You see some pretty amazing claims on television for various products. But do they work? Action News put three products to the test. THE FOREARM FORKLIFT "It's the ultimate furniture mover," claims the ad.

The Forearm Forklift claims to be the answer to lifting mattresses, bureaus, and even your refrigerator!

The product cost $29 dollars for a pair, and is supposed to take the heavy lifting out of moving!

"The leverage design virtually makes the furniture you carry, lighter," according to the ad.

We took the product to Lynn O'Gara who needed to move a heavy stereo buffet.

"It sounded kind of strange," said Lynn.

With the help of her friend Christine the women attempted to move the furniture with out the Forearm Forklift. "I can't even lift it up," said Lynn. The instructions say to place both straps side by side underneath the buffet, then place your hands directly in front of your shoulder area, palms flat on the piece being carried.

"Sounds easy enough," added Lynn. The women gave it a shot.

"No it's not going," said Lynn.

The verdict?

"Thumbs down definitely a thumbs down," she said.

The maker of the Forearm Forklift told Action News he stands behind his product.

As a former mover, he developed the Forearm Forklift to help with proper lifting techniques and give you leverage.

He also said the product works better on some types of furniture than others.

The PedEgg If you like get a pedicure, but it may not be in the budget, here's a product that promises to help.

"I probably go every two weeks," said Jennifer Slape. "It gets a little expensive." Jennifer said her feet take a beating between bi-weekly pedicures.

The PedEgg cost $10, and Jennifer is hoped it would be the tool to give her salon quality results so she could skip the pricey salon!

"It's hard, I've tried to do pedicures by myself at home, but I just can't get my feet as smooth as I do when I go to the salon to do it," she added.

The PedEgg also promised to remove callouses and dead skin leaving behind a baby soft look and feel. And the makers say its so gentle it won't even pop a balloon!

So, Action News had Jennifer first test that claim.

"Impressive! I don't know how this is going to work on my foot!" she said as she rubbed it against the balloon.

But, as Jennifer tried the PedEgg on her feet, she felt it didn't work any better then a regular foot file.

Although the PedEgg removed her dry skin, she felt it didn't leave her feet as smooth as she had hoped.

"It's probably worth ten bucks, but I don't know if it's going to replace regular pedicures," she said.

ZORBEEZ "If you got kids, then you got spills," claims the makers of the Zorbeez.

As a busy mother of three, Suzanne Mueller is hoping the Zorbeez will live up to its extreme claims!

"It has the strength and the muscle to pick up and hold over twenty ounces of liquid," said the ad.

"We go through lots of paper towels, dish towels constantly doing laundry because there are lots of spills," said Suzanne.

The Zorbeez cost $15 for ten.

The makers of the Zorbeez claim the product attracts spills like a magnet! "A product like that would be great," she added.

So, Action News had Suzanne and her kids test the Zorbeez claims just like in the commercial.

Can the Zorbeez really absorb more than two cups of grape juice?

The results were drastic.

"It's not dripping its totally holding all the grape juice in it," said Suzanne.

So will the Zorbeez replace rags and paper towels in the family's household?

"I would buy it," she said. "I think it would be really good for cleaning up the bathroom mess after showers and baths."