Homeowners bamboo can stay

July 1, 2008 5:42:27 AM PDT
A local government board says a Westmoreland County woman can keep bamboo stalks as high as 35 feet in her yard because the plants can be eaten, exempting them from rules that govern grass and other plants.

The Central Westmoreland Council of Governments was asked to weigh in by two neighbors of Myra Posner of Mount Lebanon.

Posner grows bamboo outside of her home-based Bamboo Grove Yoga Studio in Mount Pleasant. She says the plants help create a soothing atmosphere.

But the neighbors who complained say the bamboo stalks invade their yard, attract birds and smack against their house.

They wanted the council to enforce a 10-inch limit for grasses. But council says that limit doesn't apply because bamboo can be eaten by humans.