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July 2, 2008 9:09:50 PM PDT
Selling ones life, digging information, and rating the police force. Life for Sale We all know life can take some dramatic turns. When Ian Usher's wife left him, he wanted out of the driver's seat. So he put his life up for sale on Ebay.

Everything from his furniture to his job to his toilet paper, Ian Usher wanted to completely flush himself of his former life, but he needed to make some money to start a new one so he launched his website called alife4sale.com, then last month he auctioned off his life for almost $400,000. He even got some unexpected offers.

"I've had I think 2 marriage proposals and a couple people asking if I'm going to offer myself for a day," Usher said.

It only makes sense that with a new life, he starts a new website. You can read about it on 100goals100weeks.com he uses the cash earned from his former life to travel the world. LINKS: http://www.alife4sale.com


Cool things, cool places Speaking of traveling, coolthingsinrandomplaces.com offers a glimpse into some of the extraordinary thing this world has to offer. See everything from glacier surfing in Alaska to rice patty artwork. Philadelphia Mutter's museum is even featured on the site. If you're an Internet digger, it only makes sense you log on to digg.com. Digg is a site for people to discover and share just about anything on the web. From the biggest online destinations to the most obscure blog. Digg is editor free. The site has unveiled a tool to weed through it's 16,000 stories submitted daily so you can find the ones that interest you. LINKS: http://www.coolthingsinrandomplaces.com http://www.digg.com

Policing the Police You have the right to remain informed. That is the mantra of a site called ratemycop.com. It is a site that allows users to leave feedback about their interactions with law enforcement and rank the officers' service. But the site has created some concern among law enforcement. The site allows users to submit the names of officers. What happens if that officer is undercover? Upper Darby Superintendent of police Mike Chitwood says the site is potentially dangerous.

"When someone makes disparaging remarks about an organization or an officer that could be detrimental with them finding other employment or internally it's very hard for them to overcome that internally," Chitwood said.

A spokesperson for the site said they had an incident where an officer's address and mother's address was posted on the site. It was removed. The spokesperson also said they have monitors that will remove personal information or the name of a cop who is undercover- the problem is not all those monitors are familiar with every police department in the country so they encourage both officers and civilians to contact them if they find any personal or harmful information on the site. The spokesperson also added that many police officers use the site.

LINKS: http://www.ratemycop.com