So. Jersey salutes troops on the fourth

July 4, 2008 9:22:42 PM PDT
In New Jersey, one 4th of July celebration focused on local men and women serving now in the military. Each year we celebrate our Independence beneath the glare of fireworks.

Often we forget the men and women who protect our freedom. But, on this night Evesham did not.

Specialist Michael Drummond said the support from the town made him feel amazing and honored.

Drummond and twenty others in the armed forces were honored. He told Action News, the 4th of July has a newfound special meaning.

"When you deploy overseas you really get to see the poverty and how bad it is over in other countries," he said.

Drummond's mother is the founder of the Yellow Ribbon Club, a non-profit that provides care packages for troops overseas and coordinates homecomings. She helped organize this event with the township. Her son is proud of all the work she has done.

Hundreds also flocked to Cherokee High School where there were rides, dunk tanks and the smell of burning grills, everything American.

And just before the fireworks finale, these Parachutes dropped in. They handed an American Flag to these men of honor, the men of Evesham.

And, to make this day that much more special, Leslie Drummond says the Yellow Ribbon Club received plenty of donations to send overseas.