Pair charged with attacking meter maid

July 8, 2008 3:33:27 PM PDT
Criminal charges have been filed against a man and woman for allegedly attacking a meter maid and breaking her wrist. Police say the attack happened Saturday on Ludlow Street near 69th Street in Upper Darby, Pa.

"I said to the girl, you can not park here."

Meter maid Kalliopia Maroulis describes the encounter with a Yeadon couple to whom she was issuing a parking ticket.

Under arrest and charged with aggravated assault are 20-year old Ashley Dacons, and 22-year old Dijon Prince.

The violence broke out, Maroulis says, as she put a $15 ticket on the window of Dacon's car, which was sitting in a no parking spot.

"She opened the door, she hit me with the door and she punched me, she pushed me, and I fell down," Maroulis told Action News.

Maroulis says Prince emerged from the bank and attempted to separate the women, but eventually joined the battle.

Maroulis is believed to have suffered a broken wrist that will require surgery plus other bruises.

"The boyfriend come, he tried to separate me from her 'cause I had her in a headlock. I'm holding the lady. The girl would not let go, she said to the guy to punch me," Maroulis said.

Maroulis says she and her meter colleagues are considered part-time workers who get less than $11 an hour. Maroulis says she will not return to the job she has held for six months.

She says an angry ticket recipient tried to run her over three months ago.

Dacons and Prince remain in jail, unable to make bail.

The metered streets of Upper Darby were quiet today.

One motorist was supporting the meter maid.

"She was doing her job. And they need to be prosecuted. That's what I think," said Upper Darby resident Rebecca Allen.