Family wins verdict over bed bugs

July 9, 2008 8:51:46 PM PDT
A New Jersey couple's two-year legal battle over bed bugs has ended in victory."They're useless bugs that feast on human blood."

These are photos of the hundreds of bed bug bites that Diep Huynh and his wife Oanh Nguyen suffered from during months of sleepless nights.

"Every night, in the middle of the night, I feel itching, all my body," Oahn Nguyen said.

Today a jury awarded the Pennsauken, N.J. couple $49,000 finding that the bedroom furniture they purchased at J.C. Penney in Cherry Hill was infested with bed bugs. "For months, they didn't know what was causing all their problems and the itching. When they found out that it was the bed bugs, it's kind of like, it freaks you out a little bit," said Kevin Siegel, an attorney for the family.

The family bought the furniture back in May of 2006. It was delivered 3 months later in June. It included a chest, dresser and bed-frame with a headboard, costing about $1600.

The family says they were given no choice but to sue after the company agreed to pay to remove the furniture, and to exterminate their room.

But that apparently never happened.

"For all intents and purposes, J.C. Penney just ignored them," said Siegel.

A spokesman for J.C. Penney told Action News by telephone the company hasn't seen similar cases filed against it, and "we're disappointed in the outcome. We haven't determined whether we will appeal."

The family says any money they get will go toward replacing the furniture they were forced to throw out. They're pleased with todays' verdict.