Summer gadgets

July 18, 2008 3:54:06 PM PDT
Whether you're having a barbeque or planning to hit a pool party with the help of E-Gear magazine Action News has found some really cool gadgets to help you spice up your summer.

E-Gear editor-in-chief Grant Clauser said the Flip Mino is great for capturing sizzling summer moments. All you do is press the red button and shoot.

"And when you want to get the videos onto your computer just press the button here plug this right into your computer and the software runs right off the camera."

Upload video to YouTube in minutes. The Flip Mino is about $179.

The more rugged user might prefer the RCA Small Wonder Traveler for $149. You can add memory and replace the batteries.

"Which is nice because if you're out on a camping trip and your battery runs out you can pop the batteries out and put in new ones," Grant said.

The Samsung HD Camcorder offers more high quality video, but it runs $849.

"Now this is a really cool gadget. It's the iH85 by iHome. They call it the bike to beach," Grant said. "Its a little speaker system, you stick your iPod inside and stick it in a bike carrier and listen to it while you're riding your bike."

The controls are on your handlebars. The iH85 retails for about $50.

"It sounds good for being such a small product," Grant said about the Parrot Party Black Speaker.

You can use the device with your iPhone or any other Blue Tooth capable device. It runs about $139.

"Now if you're really serious about your outdoor music and you want something you can leave on your patio all the time we have the OutCast by SoundCast.

At $699 it's weather resistant and has five built-in speakers. Just park your iPod in the transmitter and leave it in your house.