Still hot at 2 area apartments

July 21, 2008 4:14:44 PM PDT
Tenants at the Marquis Apartments tell Action News the temperature cooled just a bit after we first aired our report last evening, but the air conditioning's not going strong yet and they're still sweating. It's the same situation for another apartment building in South Jersey. Still too hot to handle! Residents of the Marquis Apartments complain it's been days now without relief from the high heat. As we first reported yesterday, they are simply sweltering without adequate air conditioning.

Meredith Shane is trying to rely on one fan to keep the kids she babysits and her cat cool. She and other tenants are getting hot under the collar because they say building management isn't giving them answers.

"The response we get: 'It's getting fixed.' Well it's not getting fixed. There's units in other buildings that are still not working and it's been over a month," says Shane.

Marquis resident Sara Savage tells us, "I've been told by the township that they are legally obligated to give us heat but not air conditioning."

Not any air conditioning at the Regency Park Apartments either. Nothing seems to be coming out of the vents for residents in Mount Holly, New Jersey. Most of the residents are over 55 and have health issues. They're spending hours in common areas and outside trying to catch a cool breeze.

Gloria Clarke tells us, "It's not good. This is ridiculous. People have health conditions. This is not good."

Charlene Bryan says, "I just moved in. It's not that I want to cause any problems, but it's my health that's more important. It seems like somebody has to die before something gets done."

Action News was contacted by the Marquis management company out of Boston. A spokesperson said they have been aware of the problem and technicians have been working on repairing the air conditioning, but it will take time to cool down the entire complex.

At the Regency Apartments we were told that the property is tied up in bankruptcy court, so a major purchase like new air conditioners just isn't possible.