Right Now On The Net

August 6, 2008 8:49:55 PM PDT
A WebMD for your pets, a Google for your music, and 12 seconds of your life. Most of us have heard of WEBMD...it's a way to gain insight into what may be causing a certain symptom you're experiencing or at the very least find out information about a certain disease or condition. But until now there has not been a comprehensive medical website for your best buddy.

Maybe your new kitten can't stop sneezing or perhaps your beloved 9-year-old terrier is abnormally sluggish. Webvet.com offers an alternative to rushing your pet to the vet. Similar to WebMD.com it offers searches on symptoms and illnesses, but it also acts as a great resource for healthy pets, too. The site provides everything from medical information and advancements, to original lifestyle and human-interest stories. But remember like WebMD, WebVet does not diagnose or suggest treatment. It simply helps you stay informed.

LINK: http://www.webvet.com

Think of it as a 'music Google.' Mixturtle.com uses a search-as-you-type tool, providing suggestions for your search. The site then searches its catalogue of two million songs to provide the best results for your search. Then listen to your song or make a playlist for free! The quality of the tracks is crystal clear, and there's no software to download. Because the site is new it is going through some tech issues. Also, there are only 2 million songs. You can find most billboard hits, but indie songs may not be so easily accessible.

LINK: http://www.mixturtle.com

The peak travel season may be coming to a close, but for all those diehard trip seekers who are always looking for the next destination, log on to gusto.com. Members research, plan, and share travel information. That means once you finish your trip, you can log on and tell others about what you liked best and what you would suggest future travelers skip. You can also find great travel deals.

LINK: http://www.gusto.com

Maybe your average Wednesday is really exciting or maybe it isn't; either way, you can now record it all in 12 second clips on 12seconds.tv. Using a webcam or a cell-phone video camera, people record themselves and post it on the site. With only 12 seconds to sell themselves, users are forced to get creative with their posts in the attempt to draw the attention of others. It's a very cool and novel approach to online expression.

LINK: http://www.12seconds.tv

Finally, if you're pup is in the social mix you're going to want to make sure you log on to doggyspace.com. Doggyspace is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who love dogs. People use Doggyspace to keep up with friends, upload funny dog videos, and to give their dogs their own cyber place.

LINK: http://www.doggyspace.com