Exclusive: Girl struck by lightning

August 11, 2008 5:05:46 PM PDT
The storm clouds rolled in, and her mother told her to come inside.

14 year old Lati Stafford can't tell you what happened next.

"I was outside paying basketball" Stafford told Action News. "My mom told us to come in."

"I don't remember anything else after that."

Her mother remembers. Lati was hit by a bolt of lightning. The blast blew her off the front porch and onto the ground, knocking her shoes off.

"When I came out she was just laid out in the grass and she couldn't get up," Marion Stafford says. "I ran out and picked her up and started screaming."

The force of the thunderbolt shook the 5200 block of Beacon Avenue in Pennsauken around 7:20 Sunday night.

Paramedics rushed Lati to the hospital, where she is recovering.

Lati is about to be a freshman at Pennsauken High School and loves to play basketball. Her mom says Lati's main worry has been that being hit by lightning might keep her from playing. But thankfully, thats not the case.

"The doctor told me she might be even better now with all the electricity in her!" Marion Stafford joked.

Lati's doctors at Cooper University Hospital in Camden add, she's a very lucky girl. She survived with just some burns under her arms and on her feet, where the lightning is believed to have entered and exited her body.

Her doctors also want to make sure Lati's kidneys weren't damaged.

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