Netflix fix, fake diplomas & Countrywide latest

August 15, 2008

Tom Corbett said workers could have bought bogus degrees from an alleged diploma mill in Spokane, Washington, which often referred to itself as St. Regis University.

The business is the target of a larger federal investigation. Authorities said more than 9-thousand people nationwide may have purchased the diplomas.

A judge has rejected a settlement with mortgage lender Countrywide. He's not convinced it was fair to nearly 300 borrowers who say they were hurt by the company's abusive practices.

The settlement called for Countrywide, which was acquired by Bank of America, to pay 325-thousand-dollars to the bankruptcy trustee to settle litigation in 293 separate cases.

Both sides now have to meet again in October.

Netflix said normal shipments of its DVDs are expected to resume Friday. In the last few days, the online DVD rental giant suffered the biggest outage in the company's history leaving a third of its some eight million customers without DVDs in the mail.

Say hello to old-school prices! For some back to school items, retailers are now offering some prices that were offered in the 1930's!

For instance, Action News has told you before about the penny promotions retailers are offering. A penny will get you eight number two pencils at Staples or a wooden ruler at Office Max.

And more retailers are giving away some products! The goal is to get you into the store to buy more expensive items.

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