North Penn, St. Joe's Prep: Countdown is on

Of course, the most renown of the countdowns would be the ones in the music industry. There are a multitude of music countdowns on television and radio throughout the week.

All singers and bands want their song to be number one. Whether it is Mariah Carey, One Republic, or the Jonas Brothers, they want to be at the top (you never thought you'd see the Jonas Brothers mentioned in a high school football preview, did you?).

Much like actors say when they don't win the Oscar – 'it was an honor just to be nominated,' just being part of a countdown is gratifying, but reaching the pinnacle position is priceless (don't say that three times fast).

Now, it's time to bring in the apt synonym for a countdown used in professional, collegiate, and high school sports - ranking. Ranking is just that, a countdown of the best in the business.

As you all prepare yourselves to watch this Friday's Game of the Week number three, two teams in EPSN's Top 20 East Region rankings are readying themselves for battle that night.

North Penn of Lansdale is ranked number 18.

St. Joseph Prep of Philadelphia is ranked number 4.

Can number 18 defeat number 4 live on It's March Madness, high school football style.

Gil Brooks' Hawks are undefeated so far in the season. They unloaded this year with a big win over Parkland, a team that last year went all the way to the PIAA Championship finals. St. Joe's won 20-13.

Last week, the Hawks were able to squeeze victory over another ESPN ranked team. St. Anthony's of Melville, New York, ranked number 9, was able to garner 6 points, but Brooks' squad upped the ante with 7.

Meanwhile, Dick Beck's Knights were thinking the phrase - anything you can do, I can do better, as they too went undefeated. They defeated teams who were 10-2 and 12-2 last season.

Bethlehem Liberty was the first victim of the Knights, as they fell to the number 18 ranked team 23-15.

North Penn walked into the next game with Lansdale Catholic intent on another win and walked out owning the 34-12 victory.

Last year, the Knights defeated the Hawks 17 to 7. However, as most players say when asked about the previous season – last year was last year.

This is this year. This is a game between two ESPN Top 20 ranked team. This is a game between two undefeated teams. This is a game that nobody wants to lose and nobody can afford to.

North Penn is ready to achieve back to back victories against the Hawks.

St. Joe's Prep is ready to keep their perfect season alive.

Both teams are ready to seize the moment.

The countdown is on.

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