The Phillie Fiat rides again!

SOUTH PHILADELPHIA - October 15 2008 He hopes his little engine can help the Phillies with a win.

Here he comes again... and there he goes. Action News caught up with the "Philly Fiat" zooming around Citizens Bank Park early Wednesday morning with South Philly's Luigi Borda behind the wheel. "It's a lovely car," Borda told Action News' Sarah Bloomquist, "It's friendly and it makes people from 2 to 92 crack up when they see it."

You may spot the Philly Fiat making circles around "The Bank" because Luigi believes his 1966 Fiat brings the Phils good luck.

"Believe it or not in the first series, we didn't do it and they lost," he said. "This series we didn't do it again in game 3 and they lost. So here I am, driving around the stadium in the morning."

Now, Luigi says the Philly Fiat is ready for a road trip. "I am willing to go to Boston or Tampa Bay and I think it may be a hoot if we drive around for the entire game while the Phillies are playing to give them good luck."

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