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CENTER CITY - November 12, 2008 The city hopes by publishing the names of deadbeats online, they'll be embarrassed and pony up what's owed.

Mayor Michael Nutter has a warning for business tax deadbeats.

"If you are around, we will find you. We're now sending the sheriff to come and get our stuff," Mayor Nutter said.

The roughly top 50 delinquents owe in excess of $27 million in business privilege and wage taxes.

Among them, The Nelson Medical Group at $2.4 million, former owner of the restaurant Rouge in Rittenhouse, Neil Stein, owes 1.2 million, and the city is going after Milton Street for over $380,000.

"We will use every legal tool in our disposal to collect what is owed us," Mayor Street said.

The mayor says that means deputies will be knocking on doors...

"Some of them are going to have their goods, items or inventory or assets taken and they are going to be auctioned. That is going to happen," Mayor Nutter said.

In May 2005, Action News consumer report Nydia Han confronted Dr. Gregory Nelson of the Nelson Medical Group.

The company tops the list of taxes owed.

He not only wasn't paying taxes, he allegedly wasn't paying his employees.

"If the malpractice insurance crises would get better then we would be able to run a better business. I've been doing this for many, many years. I 'm committed to serving the patients in our communities and frankly, I'm doing the best that I can," Dr. Gregory Nelson said back in 2005.

Of the $27 million owed by the largest deadbeats, the city only expects to collect $4 million.

The Mayor says the city will consider revoking business privilege licenses in the future to make sure people pay up.

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