Rooftop burglar

March 10, 2009 6:28:16 PM PDT
A Newark nail shop was closed Tuesday but police say it was opened overnight. 19-year-old Joseph Pol is accused of breaking into the salon four times since the beginning of February by entering through the roof but investigators say he didn't stop there.

The wall next to the salon had to be replaced at H & J Barbers where investigators say Pol used a hammer to break-in to steal clippers, cash and a DVD machine. There are three shops in the Salem Village Square Shopping Center Pol is accused of hitting.

With so many crimes being committed in the same area it didn't take long for police to catch the rooftop burglar. An undercover cop simply parked his car in the area and watched and waited.

"We were able to set up some surveillance at the shopping center hoping he would stop by for a visit and of course he did. He gets up on the top of the roof and we get him coming out," explained Corp. Jeffrey Whitmarsh of the Delaware State Police.

Pol is also accused of breaking into a bagel shop, which is in walking distance from the shopping center and his apartment complex, which is near all of the businesses.

"It's just good to know that a suspect has been apprehended because everybody was getting a little nervous around here wondering if when they came in the next morning that they were going to be broken into," said Maurice McFolling of H & J Barbers.

"The guy was taken back to Troop 2 and charged with multiple counts of burglary and thefts and our rooftop burglar was off the street for a few hours. He was released on bail so we're hoping he learned his lesson for at least the time being and he's not out re-offending tonight," said Corp. Whitmarsh.

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