Yoga for Fighters

April 7, 2009 3:20:02 PM PDT
Phil Migliarese created 'Yoga for Fighters.' It was first designed to help jujitsu grapplers become more flexible and strong. "To be a champion, you need to be fast, flexible, you need strength- all these attributes," said Migliarese, co-owner of Balance Studios in Philadelphia.

The class helps many fighters win titles, but Migliarese said it also has the tools to help everyday people reach a higher level of fitness. He said in 'Yoga for Fighters,' they hold positions longer, improving endurance. And the surface is less stable than what's used for traditional yoga so it works core strength and balance more.

The positions are similar to those used in Jiu-Jitsu, and like any yoga, help improve flexibility. Rich Komar, a figher by night and patrol officer by day, says that aspect helps him avoid injuries. "If you're flexible and your body is already lose, then you don't have problems with pulled muscles, twisted ankles, twisted knees," he said.

Lauren Ancona says not only is she more flexible, but the class has also helped her slim down.

"It gives you a longer look in your legs," she said, adding, "I find my jeans are fitting better in certain places."

The class is open to both men and women. It costs $11 per live class, b DVDs are also available.

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