First Person: 2 men with years in the fight ring

April 23, 2009 9:44:52 PM PDT
Philadelphia was once a fight capital; will it become one for the UFC? Web Extra - First Person: Hear from two people who've been "in the ring" for years.

What's a Nice Guy like You.....???

Click to see the interview with Jimmy Rubino.

Jimmy Rubino, owner of Ralph's Italian Restaurant, South Philadelphia, has been boxing, or doing martial arts since he was a kid. He's been involved in mixed martial arts for the past 4 years.

Rubino, 47, believes his current training has put him in the best condition of his life.

"MMA fighters are probably the most conditioned athletes in the world right now, even more than boxers, NBA players, etc."

He says not only is he an MMA fan, but so is his girlfriend.

As for the future of boxing in what he calls a "real fight city," "It's a shame, boxing's all but dead now, it's a shame."


Click to see interview with Jimmy Binns.

Jimmy Binns is an attorney, former Pa. Boxing commissioner, and long-time boxing supporter. He even had cameo roles in 2 installments of the "Rocky" movie series, and dedicated the Rocky statue at the South Philadelphia sports complex.

He views MMA as "it's the antithesis of boxing, it's not as scientific as boxing."

"Virtually anybody can do it. You don't have to train for years, and you don't have to come up through the ranks."

Binns says he worries about the safety of those who take the ring, in both boxing, and mixed martial arts.

"You never leave it the way you went in."

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