How exercise can speed healing

June 30, 2009 2:30:33 PM PDT
If you've ever gotten hurt, you know getting back to exercise even after you've recovered can be intimidating. But it's vital to get moving again. "We walk to the Ritz Theaters, we walk to the Free Library, occasionally if we get really into it, we walk over to the art museum."

But last October George says he lost his balance and fell backwards down his stairs. He fractured several ribs and vertebrae and had to wear a back brace and a neck brace for several weeks. His walking stopped.

"After walking about a block, the pain in my back was so extreme, I just had to stop."

But once George's doctor cleared him to lose the brace and start exercising he worked with Jared Carter of Move Forward Fitness.( Jared says many times after an injury people get stuck in a vicious cycle.

"Where because you hurt, you're not active and because you're not active, it keeps hurting," says Jared.

But he says research shows, exercising at the proper level can speed healing.

"So it releases more human growth hormone, it increases testosterone output- things like that that your body uses to help regenerate itself."

George strengthened his core and the supporting back muscles. This will also help prevent future injuries.

And he says he feels stronger now than he did before the fall, has no pain and is back to walking the city streets.

It's a much better lifestyle."

There are some injuries where exercise won't help. But Jared says 99-percent of the time once you're cleared by your doctor and you exercise at the right level it will improve your condition.

In looking for a trainer it's best to make sure he or she specializes in post-injury exercise.

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