Three stolen puppies found tied up

July 16, 2009 3:57:24 PM PDT
Bensalem Police tell Action News three stolen puppies were found tied up behind a school.Sergeant Andrew Aninsman of the Bensalem Police Department tell Action News, three pit bull puppies that were stolen this past weekend, were found tied up behind Mary Devin School in Bristol.

Besides being dehydrated, the dogs are said to be good condition.

Action News reporter Katherine Scott filed this report earlier on the search for the puppies:

It hasn't been a good week for Karma in one Bensalem household.

The pit bull Karma, that is.

The last three puppies from her one and only litter were stolen out of their backyard kennel when Frank Jennings and his family were out of town for the night. Mom hasn't been taking it well.

"She went outside, grabbed the puppy toys, brought them inside, and lay next to them, and then cried," Jennings said.

Gates to the kennel and backyard were flung open. The three puppies, Sarge, Janie, and Bear, were gone. Two pups were set to be sold, but Bear was his daughter's.

Frank only bred his beloved pooch Karma because they were hoping for another gentle puppy just like her. She was spayed soon after.

"That was her puppy. She picked him out," Jennings said.

Frank thinks the robbers did it for the money. Seven others were sold for around $300. Now, Bensalem Township Police are on the case to track down the culprits.

"There are children involved here. Imagine if your child was sitting there and someone stole your puppies. Have a heart and return the dogs," Sgt. Andrew Aninsman of the Bensalem Township Police said.

Both police and family posted flyers hoping it will help get these puppies home.

Anyone who has any information about the puppy theft is asked to call the Bensalem Police Department at 215-633-3719. Frank just wants who's responsible to come forward before Karma catches up to them.