Morton's steakhouse releases cookbook

July 30, 2009 3:39:53 AM PDT
When a restaurant is highly-successful, usually it keeps the recipes top-secret. Not in this case.

One of America's best-known steakhouse chains has a new cookbook that let's you work their magic at home.

Go to Morton's and you expect a terrific steak. The company started with just one steakhouse in Chicago 30 years ago.

Today, with almost 80 restaurants, they control everything from supplies to recipes so you get the same meal, any time you order it. "If you go in L.A. or in Singapore, or in Palm Beach, or in New York or here in Philadelphia, it's very consistent," said Klaus Fritsch, co-founder of Morton's.

Rather than keep everything secret, the company just published "Morton's - The Cookbook".

The trick is converting a professional recipe for home use.

"We actually cooked all the recipes in my house in Chicago," Fritsch said. "I mean for four weeks, my house smelled like a restaurant. Food every night. We invited people over just to eat it."

The book includes wine recommendations when appropriate.

Not all recipes are from the regular menu but all have some connection to the restaurant.

Of course, there are pointers on grilling steak at home.

"Steaks, I prefer to do outside on the grill," Fritsch said. "Get it as hot as you can, then put the steak on. And the biggest mistake is people don't take it out of the refrigerator. Take it out about a half hour to an hour before. Let it come to room temperature. Then put it on the grill."