Firefighters volunteer time at burned apt.

August 4, 2009 2:26:40 PM PDT
These Philadelphia firefighters are rehabbing a Germantown apartment that caught fire about six weeks ago.The woman who lived here with her child had accidentally started a fire in the kitchen leaving the two bedroom unit on Pulaski Avenue a mess.

"We had fire debris everywhere we had furniture everywhere and basically what we tried to do was throw everything out first and look at what we had to start the project," said Lt. Kenneth Greene of the Philadelphia Fire Department.

These volunteers are with Club Valiant, an international firefighters' service organization.

They are working for Dignity Housing, which owns the apartment. The charity places homeless people at places like this across the city.

"This is going to restore this apartment so that a homeless low income family can move on. I'm so incredibly excited," said Alicia Christian of Dignity Housing.

Not only are these firefighters donating their time, they're donated their money. They estimate they'll spend up to $2500 in furnishing the place once it is done. And believe it or not they say they'll have it done by the end of the week.

The idea of a finished project, and needy people moving in, is bound to warm their hearts.

"It's everything it doesn't matter as long as its clean and it looks good that's really all that matters to them I mean we try to do the best that we can," said Fireman Edward Thomas.

One of the few items still hanging from the wall after the fire was this sign; "I cleaned my house yesterday, wish you could have seen it." The firefighters insist the opposite will be true wait until you see this place tomorrow.