Long lost sisters meet for first time

PHILADELPHIA - October 15, 2009 Their now deceased mother had mental health problems and left each in the hospital at birth.

45-year-old Betty Saab Williams was raised by their grandmother in South Carolina.

41-year-old Barbara Vanessa Saab, who had a different father, was raised in Philadelphia by his mother.

Older sis Betty, living with mom's family, learned she had siblings. A brother, who was adopted by a hospital nurse, is now incarcerated.

Vanessa never knew, but always had a sense.

"I just felt lonely and I said I know there's someone out there. I know. I can feel it in my spirit," Vanessa said.

These separated sisters mirrored each other's longing.

"I felt not lost, but alone, knowing that she was out there. I found my brother in '87, now my sister and our family is complete now," Betty said.

They found each other on facebook, each establishing an account just to search.

Vanessa posted a blind search for relatives; Betty responded with a picture of 12-year-old Vanessa given to her by an aunt. They called and confirmed their connection.

While they have forgiven their mom, both are committed to being better mothers than she was.

Betty's daughter, Christy Earle, who flew in from South Carolina with her mom, says it's true.

"She's been the best mother ever," Christy said.

Armed with a powerful love, these sisters vow never to lose each other again.

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