6abc.com Exclusive Interview with Justin Bieber

Most likely if you have a tween in your household or if you are one yourself, then Justin Bieber has become a new member of the family.

Ever since he was discovered on YouTube, the Canadian teen sensation has been scaling up the Billboard and iTunes charts. His album "My World" has gone platinum, selling 998,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen Soundscan.

And just announced this week, Bieber will be playing the Allentown Fair on September 4 as he ends his first headlining tour, the My World Tour. This, of course, is in conjunction with his second album being released on Tuesday, "My World 2.0."

His songs "One Time," "One Less Lonely Girl," and "Baby" are on constant rotation on the radio, including on Wired 96.5.

That is where we were able to get an exclusive interview with the just turned 16-year-old pop star who will be the musical guest on an upcoming edition of NBC's Saturday Night Live and a featured guest on The View on 6abc on March 22.

So what is this young man who has young girls swooning over him, Ludacris collaborating with him, and Justin Timerblake and Usher fighting over his contract really like?

Find out as we go Backstage with Justin Bieber on 6abc.com in an interview that features an exclusive, never before heard song that is unlike any other Justin Bieber tune out there. Trust me.

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