3-year-old aces Flyers name game

May 28, 2010 3:55:22 AM PDT
Flyers fans come in all shapes and sizes and age is not a requirement.

Little Natalie D'Alfonso is a 3-year-old girl who loves, well, things 3-year-olds love.

This includes playing in the yard, and whenever possible, putting her bigger cousins in their place.

But while her big smile, and even bigger green eyes, put her cuteness on the order of cheek-pinching, her Flyers fandom is on the order of mind-blowing.

When asked, "Number 28?"

Natalie's response, "Claude Giroux."

"Number 19?"

Natalie's response, "Scott Hartnell."

Last week, Natalie's parents posted a clip on YouTube featuring the talented toddler rattling off the Flyers roster. In it, Mom or Uncle Bob says a number, she names the player, without so much as a pause.

"Number 20?"

Natalie's response, "Chris Pronger."

You get the picture.

Turns out, Natalie's knack was discovered quite by mistake. Uncle Bob, a season ticketholder, brought her a pack of players' cards.

"We went through the names and the numbers and she knew them within 15 minutes and we added players here and there; now, she knows the whole team," Uncle Bob said.

But it's not just the roster that Natalie has memorized; she could also step in the broadcast booth today.

When asked, "He shoots?"

Natalie's response, "He scores!"

She even knows Flyers public address announcer Lou Nolan's famous call.

And the Flyers go on a?Natalie completes the line, "PECO Powerplay!"

The YouTube clip is on the verge of going viral. Action News is told someone from California saw it and set up a Facebook fan page featuring Natalie.

All she wants? She wouldn't mind tickets, but she'd really like a cup, a Stanley Cup.

So to the team, Natalie's got your number and your names.