Banner plane makes emergency landing in NJ

July 22, 2010 1:41:11 PM PDT
Officials say a plane that tows advertising banners made an emergency landing in a southern New Jersey swamp Thursday.

But the pilot was not injured.

The plane came down off Route 47 in Middle Township near Pierces Point Road and King Nummy Trail Campground around noon.

Investigators say pilot Dave Masterson, 23, a pilot with six years of flying experience, who works for Paramount Air Service flying banner advertisements around the shore communities, had just taken off from the runway in Green Creek, when he immediately experienced engine trouble.

Masterson found a wide open area away from populated areas, and released the banner advertisement from his plane. Next, Masterson made a safe landing in the marsh, north of the runway and banner.

Ed Sakorai, a pilot with the Mosquito Commission, then arrived on-scene and was able to set his chopper down on the marsh and recover the pilot safely.

Masterson was not injured as a result of the crash.

The FAA now has the investigation.