Phillies magic fingers boy joins memorable fans club

PHILADELPHIA - August 13, 2010

But, little did they know, there was a magical little Phillies fan in the stands.

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C.J. Ottinger was in the right place at the right time.

In the 8th inning, the Phils trailed the Los Angeles Dodgers 9 -2.

But then, Ottinger waved his hands from his seat, a move made famous by the Phillies Phanatic, and right after he did that, the Phillies began hitting. And hitting. And hitting.

In the 9th, the Phillies had cut the deficit down to three runs.

Then, a bases loaded error by Dodgers third baseman Casey Blake gave Phillies catcher Carlos Ruis his chance to play hero.

He crushed the ball to left center, driving in two runs, including the game winner.

Phillies won 10-9.

They moved to two games behind the idle Braves.

Meanwhile, C.J. himself moves into the club of young, extraordinary, and memorable Phillies fans.

One such fan joined the club by having a ball! Then not having one.

You might remember 3-year-old Emily Monforto.

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It was September 15, 2009, when Emily and her father Steve were at Citizens Bank Park enjoying a game between the Phils and the Washington Nationals. During the game, Phillies outfielder Jayson Werth was at bat and hit a foul ball into the crowd behind home plate.

Steve leaned over the railing and made a 2-handed catch. He celebrated with other fans and high-fived Emily before handing his prize over to his little daughter to keep.

But instead of hanging on to it, Emily does what little kids do: She threw the ball back!

Her dad was shocked, but instead of getting mad, he wrapped his arms around his daughter and hugged her for a sweet and priceless moment.

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Emily and her dad made national headlines.

Then there was 17-month-old Will Gregg who took control of the 2008 World Series Parade.

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Though, it would turn out to be the result of a game called "How Big is Will?," parade attendants at the time believed Will was directing their cheers by raising and lowering his arms.

Although, Will was not as big in height as he will one day become, his popularity on the internet became huge.

Finally, for now, last August, Keith Russell met up with a 2-year-old fanatic who proved it's never too early to name your favorite.

Young Eddie was able to look at baseball cards of the Phils and name each player by his name.

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Now, everyone will be able to name the members of the club of the young, memorbable Phillies fans - C.J., Emily, Will and Eddie.

Who's next up to bat?

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